Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Sorry that it has been forever since I've posted something. Things have been a little wild around here.
On Sunday, we decided to do something fun with our little lady. We had a long and busy weekend, so we needed some downtime. OKW has been asking to carve a pumpkin because Special Agent OSO showed her how. We went to Publix and picked the biggest pumpkin we could find. OKW and I were amateurs at pumpkin carving, but CTW was a pro. I don't think I have even seen the inside of a pumpkin. I know I am so deprived. We all took turns scooping the insides. CTW and I carved the face(Ok, so I only did one eye). We put a candle in it and lit it. OKW loves lighting it every night and has showed it to everyone who has come by(even the UPS guy). It was a fun activity and may become a tradition. We may get a little fancier next year.