Sunday, February 27, 2011

OK's 4th Birthday

4 years ago, my baby was born. After a very scary 3 weeks, the doctors decided to go ahead and deliver our tiny, but very strong little girl. My April baby was born on Feb. 27, 2007. Where have the past 4 years gone? I can't believe how much she has grown.

She is definitely a lot like her mom, but looks like her daddy. She has such an amazing soul. She loves to dance and sing. Her favorite toys are her princess dolls. Everything is amazing to her and I love to she her eyes light up when she is telling us a story. There is definitely some sort of drama in everything she does. She still sleeps with her teddy and blanket. She learns something new every minute. She can recognize about 20 of the 26 letters of the alphabet and has recently learned her right from her left. She has an amazing vocabulary and she has learned how to draw stick figures. Her favorite non playing thing to do is hidden picture puzzles. She is so good at them. She loves her friends and talks about them all the time. Playgroup may be her favorite days. CPW remains her best friend(since they are as close as sisters).

We celebrated today by spending the day as a family. We went to church in the AM and then had lunch at her favorite place(Moe's). We came home and took a nap. When everyone was refreshed we went to Toys R Us to get her crown, balloon, and spend her $3 prize from their birthday club. Then we went to the park and ran around. We ate supper at the Olive Garden(thanks to Granna and Pappy for the gift card). We finished the night with her free cone from Brusters. It was an amazing day.

OK--Mommy loves you so much. I still can't believe the miracle that you are. God gave me a miracle the day you came into my life. After a scary month or so he gave your daddy and I the most amazing treasure. You are amazing and I am so honored to be your mom. My prayer is that God gives me the guidance to raise you into an amazing woman of God. I hope that you will set your goals high and continue to raise them everytime you reach one. You have an amazing heart and soul. Continue to love life and enjoy it's amazement. God gives us each day, make the most of it. Continue to grow my sweet girl and you will always be my little pumpkin.

Birthday Party

We had a party at CTW's restaurant to celebrate OK turning 4. All she asked for during the planning was to have a Rapunzel party and there had to be a Pinata. A friend loaned us his bounce house. We played pin the tail on the donkey and ate hot dogs. I think everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone that helped out and joined us to celebrate. Here are a few pictures.