Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow/Ice Day

Oh how beautiful!! At least that is what OK said when she got up this morning. She has been so excited since we saw it snowing on TV last night. It wasn't doing anything before she went to bed last night. She even asked if she could pray for Jesus to make it snow. She closed her little eyes and said, "Jesus, please let it snow." Shortly after we laid her down it started to snow. We actually got her out of bed to let her see it(you never know if it will happen again around her). I even took her out on the back deck so it could fall on her for a few minutes. Her first words this morning was ,"Did it snow?" We took her over to the window and that is where she pretty much stayed most of the day. We had to open all the blinds so that she could keep looking out. After breakfast, we bundled up and took a walk outside. Although, it was mostly ice, we let her walk around in it and actually build an "ICEMAN" on the deck box. She was so elated and didn't stop smiling. She even asked if we could turn the porch light on tonight so she could still enjoy looking out.