Friday, October 31, 2008


Okay, so I got fussed at for not updating my blog. There are several new posts so make sure to check them all out. We have been busy so far the fall and I have made sure to take my camera.
Our friends The Smarts, cousin CPW, and Aunt KK came over to go trick or treating. We had a wonderful time. We taught OK how to say trick or treat and of course thank you. She did so good and loved picking her own candy out and putting it in her bag. We enjoyed having company and got to know some of our neighbors. I love having a child because I get to do the things that I loved so much as a child. It is so much fun and so exciting to get dressed up and go out and get candy. I can't wait for Christmas. I hope you all had a great Halloween.

The Fall Festival

Every year our church throws a fall festival as part of the outreach plan to the community. They have inflatables, free food, and tons of games for the kids. We have gone every year since we have been members. OK slept through it last year but she got to enjoy it this year. We couldn't get her to go on the slides or any of the other rides, but she did play the games in the preschool section and ate hotdogs and candy. We had a blast.

Boo in The Zoo

Monday, the 19th we took OK and CPW to the Greenville Zoo to celebrate Boo in the Zoo. We hadn't been before so we didn't quite know what to expect. We had a great time. We let OK walk instead of pushing her in her stroller. She had a blast chasing CPW around and collecting her candy. Only a few animals were out, I guess due to the amount of candy making its way through. It is really nice to live near a city that does so much for the public.

The Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago our Sunday School class went to the Pumpkin Patch. We had a great time and enjoyed it so much. The man doing the hayride was little crazy with all the information that he passed along, but OK did well. Here are a few pictures.